Megan Fox Makeup

by Greta

One of the worlds sexiest women, Megan Fox is well known from the movie Transformers. Her „wide-eyed look“ and plump lips stand out mostly all the time. Megan‘s makeup artist Shannon Grey Williams is the one who makes magic and brings out all of actress sexuality. I would like to explain how to achieve it for everyone who wants to look like her. [click to continue…]

One of the simplest ways to change your look is to apply different color of lipstick. From pretty and natural to glamorous and vampish lipstick color can be applied in seconds and instantly change your mood. The choice of lip color should be in harmony with all the other makeup. If you choose dramatic lipstick make your eyes look fresh or if you choose smoky eyes use only bright glosses. It’s the most important rule in order to make balance in your makeup.

Lipstick come in a wide range of formulas, which include matte, satin, metallic, frost and high shine. I believe that everyone can find something in each color group. Test a range of tones to discover which undertones from cool to warm suits you the best and look for shades with this undertone. When shopping for the perfect color, try lipstick on your fingertip, as fingertips have more red in them and therefore are closer to your lip color than the back of your hand. Light colors, especially glossy ones, make lips appear fuller. Equally darker colors small lips make look even smaller.

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Heat from the sun, regular use of sun beds and heated styling tools will all dry out the hair, resulting in brittleness, split ends and breakage. The hair will obviously become very unhealthy, unruly and unmanageable and look rather unsightly as a result. [click to continue…]

The cost of designer shoes might be your biggest challenge in purchasing them. With so many cheaper brands you might think that it’s a bit reckless to splurge. So the question is, should you or shouldn’t you invest in a pair of designer shoes? [click to continue…]